November 22 - 24, 2022

16. SZ-Wirtschaftsgipfel

SZ-Wirtschaftsgipfel 2022

"The economy between war and peace – creating new trust"

Welcome to Germany’s largest business summmit! The conference of the Süddeutsche Zeitung sees itself as a platform for the exchange of experience between top managers and top politicians at the highest level. In a time characterized by rapid, unprecedented change and transformation, thinkers and leaders in the German economy are challenged by a great deal. With the Business Summit, we want to help them position themselves well for the future by meaningfully reconciling yesterday and tomorrow – providing inspiration, depth and direction for the year ahead. As a renowned publishing authority with more than 75 years of journalistic work between relevant questions and future-oriented answers, we know what it takes to effectively draw ideas for tomorrow from experience. We invite you to join us for these special days in November, when we will once again turn tradition and vision into the present.

In the heart of the capital, at the Hotel Adlon, politicians, CEOs of DAX companies and heads of European corporations debate with owners and managing directors of successful SMEs and start-ups about the central issues that move the economy. In fast-paced talk formats, without long-winded lectures, but with speakers who really have something to say. Be there when the original German business summit comes together and secure your attendance or digital participation.

Next summit: November 22 to 24, 2022

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Find out more about the reports, features and interviews surrounding the conference on On our review page for 2021, you will find syou will find highlight impressions of the 2021 summit.

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