With more than 70 speakers and, of course, with our participants, the 2018 Economic Summit will focus on the major issues moving today’s economy, politics and society: we will discuss where Germany and Europe are headed, what the future of our money holds and whether the breakthrough in artificial intelligence will cost us jobs as well as how leaders can master these challenges.


Our topics 2018

Where are Germany and Europe headed? How are the economy, politics and society managing the new American trade policy, Brexit and the populist and protectionist voices that are on the rise? These are some of the matters we will discuss with over 70 speakers from Germany, Europe and the world – and with you. This year, for the first time ever, from Monday to Wednesday. Thus, we can offer you three full days packed with our programme and an opportunity to discuss in detail all aspects that move the economy and its protagonists. We want to get to the bottom of current challenges managers across all industries are facing in regard to digitisation: how can we put up a healthy competition for US internet giants? What role do data protection and data security play in the success of companies? And how does the US perceive and evaluate the start of a new era in Europe?
Furthermore, we will take a look at key technologies and industries: what does the future of trade look like and that of our money? In what areas of life will robots play a greater role and how will this affect our economic system?
These are all complex issues that companies and their executives are facing. Therefore, we will also address how organisations can remain innovative and agile, what managers can learn from athletes and why digitisation and survival in the market can only succeed with the help of diversity.
Besides changing the conference days to Monday through Wednesday, we introduced one more innovation: the positive feedback on our breakfast panels convinced us to feature this intensive networking opportunity more prominently: on Tuesday and Wednesday we will leave the Adlon ballroom for two parallel breakfast sessions, which will be followed by lunch. You may look forward to exciting discussions on topics including the blockchain revolution or “The power of brands”.
And as always, you will be treated to three evening events: our congress warm-up on Sunday night, an evening chat show on Monday and the Night of the European Economy on Tuesday.
Thus far, we have planned the following discussion rounds, cross-examinations and disputes:*

  • Where are Germany and Europe headed?
  • The fight against internet giants
  • Europe and its champions
  • Data protection and data security – opportunities or risks?
  • Pioneers of change
  • A new era in Europe – the US perspective
  • Cryptocurrency or Euro – the future of money
  • The future of online trade
  • Humility and mindfulness – managers as role models
  • The blockchain revolution – an opportunity for businesses
  • Is real estate madness endangering our economy?
  • Germany, your robots
  • Man or machine – are we running out of work?
  • How to stay agile and innovative as a business?
  • Why digitisation only works with diversity
  • Women on the Supervisory Board
  • The power of brands
  • Lead differently: what managers can learn from athletes
  • The digital superpowers of tomorrow

* The program is subject to change and additions.