With more than 60 speakers and, of course, with our participants, the 2018 Economic Summit will focus on the major issues moving today’s economy, politics and society: we will discuss where Germany and Europe are headed, what the future of our money holds and whether the breakthrough in artificial intelligence will cost us jobs as well as how leaders can master these challenges.



Our topics 2018

This year‘s motto of our summit is: “Building trust“
Wherever you look: The trust of many people is dwindling – in politics and in those who shape it decisively; in our economic system and free world trade. In the past, most people were convinced that they would be better off in the future; today diffuse fears of the future, of losing jobs, prosperity and security are spreading. This has a lot to do with the fact that we live in a time of major change. What seemed safe just ten or fifteen years ago is no longer so today. This crisis of trust is accompanied by the enormous upheavals we are currently experiencing: the political upheavals in Washington, Rome and – in some respects also in Germany; with the technological upheavals caused by big data and artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and robots; but also with China‘s rise, Europe‘s self-doubt, the isolationism of the USA. We want to discuss these momentous changes with you: in controversial panel discussions, in intensive cross-examinations or in new, dynamic formats such as speed dating. In addition, three evening events await you: the Welcome Evening at the Factory Berlin, the Talk Evening at the Hotel Adlon and the Night of European Economy at the German Historical Museum.
We are once again expecting more than 60 top-class speakers at the SZ Economic Summit, including the CEOs of global companies such as Axa, Deutsche Bank, Emirates and Siemens and the heads of successful tech companies such as Flixbus, Streetscooter and Moreover, the country's leading economists, renowned philosophers, influential trade unionists and more politicians than ever before. The SZ Economic Summit will be opened by the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. Some members of the Federal Cabinet, headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel and Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz have also have also pledged attendance.
Amongst others, we currently have planned panel discussions, cross-examinations and debates:*
Political challenges

  • Where is Europe headed?
  • Is the German government on the right course?
  • Does the social market economy still work?
  • Is digitisation destroying our society?
  • Diesel, banks, food: How much consumer protection is required?

Digital challenges

  • How intelligent robots change our life and work
  • The blockchain revolution – an opportunity for businesses?
  • The digital superpowers of tomorrow
  • Digital Europe: What can Germany learn from other states?
  • Air taxi or e-car – the future of networked mobility
  • Data protection and data security – what businesses can do

Economic challenges

  • The future of world trade
  • Trump, China, Silicon Valley: Where are the greatest threats lurking?
  • How to handle protectionism?
  • The end of cheap money
  • The challenges of migration
  • Man or machine – are we running out of work?

Management challenges

  • Humility and mindfulness – managers as role models
  • How to stay agile and innovative as a business?
  • Why digitisation only works with diversity

* The program is subject to change and additions.
As in previous years, we expect more than 60 top-class speakers from business and politics. This year too, we will plan the programme of the Economic Summit early on and adapt it to current developments right up to the end.