“The new World Order”
The economic summit of Süddeutsche Zeitung embraced the motto of “The new World Order” this year. With more than 60 renowned speakers from business and politics, we discussed how the technological and political upheavals will change the economy – how businesses should react. It was about the great challenges of our times: populism and protectionism, digitisation and globalisation. And how the leaders in both business and politics can master these tremendous changes.




Our topics 2017

This year’s Economic Summit of Süddeutsche Zeitung will be held under the motto of “The new World Order”.

We want to discuss with you how companies can remain successful in view of the new world order: What strategies are required, what business models, what innovations, what framework conditions? At the moment, we have planned the following rounds of discussion, cross-examinations and disputes:*


  • Populism and protectionism – is globalisation about to fail?
  • The new world order: cyber wars and cyber security
  • The industrial power USA – friend or foe?
  • SZ Global Connect: Who are the digital superpowers of tomorrow?
  • Start-up meets grown-up: the future of air travel
  • Empathy in the digital age – Deciding with head, heart or reason?
  • The future of the European motor industry
  • What’s next for Europe?
  • The future of autonomous driving
  • Artificial Intelligence – what is possible, what isn’t?
  • Digital SMEs – how family businesses and founders come together
  • How to fight inequality?
  • Resilience – how to keep your cool as a manager?
  • What’s next for Germany?
  • Smart cities – the cities of the future
  • Ethics, beliefs, strategy
  • Digitisation – what does the Church have to say?
  • To lead differently – what can managers learn from leaders of different fields?
  • Start-up pitch: Summiteer 2017
  • China is buying Germany – what does that mean?
  • The factory of the future
  • The world 2018 – what’s next?


We expect more than 60 top-notch speakers once more. This year, too, we will plan the programme of the SZ Economic Summit early on – and in the end, we will adapt it to the current developments once again.
*Subject to change

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