Once again this year we expect more than 70 top-class speakers from politics, business, science and culture. Instead of lengthy lectures, the SZ Economic Summit offers varied discussions, cross-examinations and debates, moderated by leading editors of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. And again this year there are some exciting innovations in the program!



Our Topics in 2019

In order to improve, the economy is constantly evolving, as is the SZ-Wirtschaftsgipfel. The most important new development this year: For the first time, each of the three economic summit days has its own key focus. Our Digital Day will be held on Monday, our Change Day on Tuesday and our Future Day on Wednesday. In addition, we have taken our welcome evening on Sunday, where we launch into our congress in a relaxed atmosphere, to a next level: For the first time, we are inviting all participants to join us at our great night of start-ups at the Kalkscheune in Berlin-Mitte. Currently, we have the following panels, cross-examinations, disputes, keynotes and other events lined up in our preliminary programme for our three days of congress:

Monday: Digital Day

  • What policies do companies need?
  • Looking for the next Google
  • Strong together – Europe’s tech giants
  • Cyberwars and hackers – how can we protect ourselves?
  • Digital Germany – what needs to change?
  • Mastering the fourth industrial revolution together
  • Pioneers of digital change
  • Digital health – medical care of tomorrow
  • Digital Germany – an American perspective


Tuesday: Change Day

  • What managers can learn from top athletes
  • Women on supervisory boards – the PLAN W panel
  • Shaping change successfully
  • Africa in transition
  • Greening the economy – how can we conquer climate change?
  • Life without a car of your own – a viable option?
  • Do we have to be afraid of China?
  • Family business: an exchange between father and daughter
  • Corporate social responsibility: what needs to change?
  • Digital education – are our children learning the right things?
  • How does German Mittelstand successfully cope with Digital Transformation?


Wednesday: Future Day

  • The virtual bank of tomorrow
  • Germans in Silicon Valley – what can we learn from them?
  • The future of the German automotive industry
  • Products of the future
  • New space – innovations through aerospace
  • A reform agenda for Germany